Another Friday, another chance to reflect. Here are a few of the lessons/reminders that have stuck with me during a fun-filled family week.

Lesson #1: Road trips are a whole different kind of adventure with kids. Especially kids who get carsick watching movies. And while sensitive little bodies don’t always allow time for discretion, it’s nice to know there’s hope of finding a clean bathroom somewhere along the way thanks to the SitOrSquat app. Which brings me to…

Lesson #2: It turns out having someone sit in your lap while going to the bathroom does eventually become normal. (Not right, but normal.)

Lesson #3: You never know who you’re going to run into along the way (especially if LA is one of your frantic stops). We had quite the Happy Meal (figuratively and literally) with Tommy “Tiny” Lister and his lovely wife and daughter. If only everyone in Hollywood were as kind, humble and funny as they are. (Then again, Us Weekly wouldn’t be nearly as much fun to read. And I do love me some trashy celebrity gossip.)

Lesson #4: Don’t use “uh-huh” or the yeah-yeah head nod lightly. A 4-year old doesn’t forget. And they’re far more likely to hold you accountable for what you agree to than anybody in the corporate world.

Lesson #5: Sunscreen isn’t just for kids. Jodie, I know you know this. Heck, I know I know this. But time and again, in the morning rush, I forget. Ouch.

Lesson #5B: Don’t let your 4-year old convince you that he knows how to put on his own sunscreen. Double ouch.

May your weekend adventures bring you lots of laughs, new friends and just the amount of summer glow you need! Again, please share some fun from your week in the comments. I loved reading all of them last week.


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  1. says

    amy – I ended up investing in a long-sleeved rash guard to wear the next time I’m in a swim situation with the kids – they had a cute one at (
    The pic of the top itself looks marmy, but it looks adorable on the model.. so of course that will transfer to me, right?! 😉 And beside, i probably shouldn’t be getting too much sun as I “advance” in age… (sigh).

    And what did I learn this week?… a night out with the hubby followed by a slight hangover the next morning is sometimes TOTALLY worth it! 😉

    Hope you’re having a great extended weekend!


  2. says

    Thanks Jodie! Not only for the great swim solution, but for being the first to brave the comments this week. Glad to hear you had a fun night out!

  3. Jean says

    I learned this week that you should never take family for granted. Big or little, sticky or squeaky clean, savor those kisses, because they make life sweet at any age.

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