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Before I knew what a blog was (like way back in 2006), I read Rookie Moms. I loved their simple ideas for crafts and having fun with your kids. I loved how they help moms laugh at the hard times and celebrate small victories. They seemed like people I would be friends with.

Fast forward to BlogHer ’10. My friend (and manager) Jeanne and I landed at JFK and were anxious to get to our hotel for the festivities. We spotted an old colleague at the front of the taxi line and he flagged us to come join him. The girl behind him in line was trying to talk to us, but I was so flustered by running into Dan, that I didn’t really hear her. When we got in the cab, Dan told us he’d been chatting with her and it was none other than Rookie Mom Whitney. Apparently she knew we were headed the same place and had wanted to share a cab. I was horrified.

The next day at BlogHer, I tracked down the Rookie Moms at their book signing to apologize and explain what happened. (I know, I know…not only am I rude, I’m a stalker.)

Fortunately Whitney forgave me and even followed me on Twitter. When I tweeted asking if anyone knew of a french fry costume to go with our ketchup bottle, Whitney took the challenge. By the end of the day, she’d tracked down the Old Navy hamburger costumes my kids ended up wearing (well, sort of). I shared my Halloween costume adventures from past years with the ladies and today, I’m the featured guest post. (To say I’m excited is an understatement!)

Check it out! And please leave a comment on their site if you do…


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