3/12/13 PROJECT: UNDERBLOG COLLECTIVE UPDATE… I wrote this in May of 2011, a few days after my daughter was born. Re-reading it now, it’s a great reminder to continue to live each day for what it is. A new beginning.

Today I had big plans to write a post introducing our little girl (plus send an announcement email/pics to friends and family). I was going to share some funny stories from the hospital and our time at home. But, as you can see, it didn’t happen.

Here’s what did happen…
• Little dumped his bowl of cereal all over himself. While I was feeding the baby.
• I took a 5-minute shower with the baby locked safely in my bedroom while the boys took their ninja training to a new level—on each other.
• I discovered Big has his first crush. He got all shy and giggly talking about Kate Middleton on the cover of Us Weekly.
• The boys turned angelic at moments as they took turns holding and admiring the baby.
• My parents came to visit, made lunch and entertained the boys so I could take the baby to the doc (all good!).
• Big announced, “Mom, you look like the baby is still in your belly!”
• Little—who decided he needed to wear underwear today—wet his pants in the front yard. While I was feeding the baby.
• The baby stuck with her mellow, sleepy, sweet demeanor. All. Day. Long.
• When my mom told Big he had a nice mom, he replied, “Well, she’s not always nice.”
• The baby experienced her first family dance party. (Which, it turned out, was also her first Bon Jovi Friday thanks to a local DJ with great taste.)
• Little finally mastered his break dancing headstand.

There were a lot of things I didn’t get done today. But there was one huge thing I did do. I realized that today is the only day my baby girl will be 3 days old. Today is the only day Little will be four days shy of turning 2-1/2. Today is the only day Big will be 5 years and 51 days.

Honestly, there were moments today I started to wish away. But then I realized even the challenging moments make each day unique and truly memorable. (Well, I’m sure I forgot a few things…did I mention my baby is only 3 days old?)

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  1. Glad you’re enjoy each moment!

  2. amy your writing is so wonderful. i love reading your blogs! i still want to try to come see you for lunch. once i get back from vacation (belfast!), i’ll send an email and hopefully we can really make it work!

  3. Vrushali says:

    Wow Amy ! so nicely written.. and beautiful picture! I’m so amazed you could actually find the time and energy to put up an actual blog post! Gosh I can’t recollect if it was day or night the time my little one was 3 days old :-)..great going! Hope you get time to get some rest.. take care..

  4. simply wonderful, Amy!!!! Yes – enjoy every moment. but really, though, if you feel the need to dip into any of those pain killers, don’t hold back ;)!!!

    **and a little news on our end – when we picked finn up from daycare this evening, he came up to us with a tooth in a baggie. We had no idea his tooth was loose!!!! he said it was wiggly during nap time and then he just pulled it out! I’m literally on my way upstairs to do my tooth fairy deeds :)!

    Seriously – miraculous things are happening every day with these crazy kids!!!!!


  5. Thank you so much for sharing these stories. When M was tiny, I remember thinking “she’ll never be 17 days old again…” You have inspired me to re-adopt that outlook–Especially in light of the upcoming changes in my life–based largely on a distaste for saying “I just need to get through this week….”

    Also, during J’s early days of non-stop nursing, i emerged from the nursery to find M (who I thought was playing quietly in her room) covered head to toe in Balmex! “I’m a clown,” — she declared with delight! Wow–there is a reason it’s considered a “barrier” cream–it took several showers to get it off!!!

    You have a beautiful command of language. I can’t wait to hear more! Xoxo

    • Too funny, I can just see M being so proud of her big Balmex accomplishment. Thanks for sharing and let’s keep reminding each other about the days. It’s not always easy to remember!

  6. All three are at such great ages, and will be every day going forward! As a neighbor and friend, though, I wish we could freeze time with the glee and excitement in Big & Little’s faces every time we mention/ask about their new baby sister! They are head over heels in love with her!

  7. Maureen says:

    Amy – awesome post. The fact you are even writing one with a 3 DAY old is amazing. Can’t wait to meet your little lady, hopefully sooner than later! xo

  8. She’s beautiful! What a wonderful outlook and it sounds like you are all cherishing this time together.

  9. Aw, happy birthday to you ALL!

  10. These days go by so fast. Enjoy them and be in the moment, it looks like you already live by that


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