10 Things I Learned This Week, Vol 52

10 Things I Learned This Week, Vol 52

I just made a family dinner that “smelled like poop” (according to Big) and “tasted great” (according to Lenny). I wouldn’t know because, just as it was ready, it was time to get Pink in the bath and ready for bed. So now I’m enjoying some alone time and reflecting on the week gone by.

Lesson #1: If the boys—who have been at each other all day—are finally getting along, chances are they’re playing a game where they’re pretending to fight each other. Yes, lightsabers and guns, they’re a mom’s best frenemy.

Lesson #2: Even though you can’t get sick from a flu shot, you do. Every time. Pink has only had two bad colds—ever (a miracle in our house). Each one has hit within hours of the magic potion (we’re still waiting for Wednesday’s shot to wear off).

Lesson #3: Then again, having a brother whose preschool friends were trying to one up each other on Tuesday might have been part of the problem. “I have the worstest cold.” “I have the badest of the badest colds!” “I have the badest of the worstest and I’m coughing and my nose won’t stop dripping.” (Have I mentioned what co-oping does to me?)

Lesson #4: I’ll take the preschooler’s germs over the kindergartener’s lice notices any day. Especially when they’re sent home the day after Big, Little and I all spent the afternoon getting cozy in the classroom.

Lesson #5: It’s a relief that my obsessive searching has proven that the only thing reproducing (at an alarming rate) on my unwashed scalp so far is grey hairs.

Lesson #6: There’s just as much name dropping at parties in the Silicon Valley as in LA. Only the celebrities here aren’t Brad, Angelina and George. They’re Larry, Steve and Mark.

Lesson #7: If your kid has a balloon biting fetish (fortunately this is one thing that hasn’t plagued one of my kids…yet), it’s probably best not to let him run around unsupervised at a birthday party with a balloon artist.

Lesson #8: It seems all good food comes in circles. Somehow, at the end of every meal (which is really the beginning, most of the time), Little only has a circle left. What can cure this? Cookies. Cupcakes. Donuts. Or chips.

Lesson #9: While Big’s diet is far more impressive than Little’s, he has his make-mommy-oh-so-proud moments too. While I was running Sight Word Bingo in his creepy-crawly class on Valentine’s Day, he was struggling to find the word “we”. Then he explained—in front of the teacher and another mother or two—it’s because he was looking for “Wii”.

Lesson #10: Now that Big’s a two-wheelin’ biker boy, I’m going to need to invest in a better pair of running shoes or my own bike.

Time to jog my way over to the couch to veg out on this not-really-Sunday-Sunday night. Enjoy the long weekend!


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  1. OpinionsToGo says

    Your ‘awareness’ of your children is remarkable. You don’t miss a thing. You are ‘tuned’ in on them in such a special way and, they are so blessed to have a mommy who doesn’t miss a thing!

  2. says

    Oh preach on, sista – I don’t know how many legendary battles we have at our house… but for me, the peaceful part is the set up… because even when the characters start fighting one another, the boys inevitably start fighting about the un-written rules of imaginary bad guy battles (i.e., no – that guy can’t fly and Ha ha – I killed ALL your guys with my ultra sonic super shooter!!!).

    lice… ew… we had one of those once… ew ew ew. It’s like when you get one ant on you and you feel them crawling ALL DAY!

    and a balloon biter?! that could be really entertaining for parents at a party… not so much the kiddos…

    and sight word bingo – like that idea. We may need to do that for our St. Patty’s Day party next month!!!

    enjoy your President’s Day!!!

    • says

      Oh, Jodie. The rules of a kindergartener never end, do they? We have epic battles around here…and not the kind with lightsabers.

      As for lice, it’s a matter of *when* not *if*. Most of our friends have had it and it just seems to be going around and around the school. No doubt I’ve tempted the lice gods and will be doing a Cetaphil rinse soon.

      And wow. The balloon biter was like nothing I’ve ever seen. He ran from balloon animal to balloon flower to balloon wings faster than anyone could turn to see him. (And they were each a minimum of four balloons.) I was sitting feeding Pink and watched helplessly…and in awe.

      Hope you enjoyed your weekend too!

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