14 Things I Learned This Week, Vol 72

14 Things I Learned This Week, Vol 72

I told you I’d make up for last week. 14! I’m afraid it was a little too easy. That’s because sometimes the silliest little nothing turns into a bunch of lessons. Like this…

Lesson #1: If you give your kid the keys to get in the car while you finish getting ready, and your husband is driving with his set, be sure to get yours back anyway.

Lesson #2: Before your husband leaves on a plane to Chicago for the week, be sure you double check that you remembered Lesson #1 the day before.

Lesson #3: When you discover you’ve failed to learn Lesson #1 and Lesson #2, rather than attempting to run a couple miles to the appointment you’re now late for, remember how lucky you are to have one of your closest friends (who happens to have the same set of car seats in her car) living right down the street.

Lesson #4: When you’re really out of shape, even that run down the street might do you in.

Lesson #5: Breaking into our dreamboat is really, really hard. Even for professionals. (Side note: Big has asked me to publicly apologize to our neighbors who had to listen to our car alarm time and again in the process. He’s also a bit concerned that the cops never showed up, so if you have a good explanation, please do share.)

Moving on…

Lesson #6: When you’ve been waiting for a quiet day with good weather to clean out the garage and shed, and then that day comes (and goes), it’s time to find a new excuse.

Lesson #7: For the most part, having all our pictures scroll on our TV as we listen to music is wonderful. That is until an old toy that’s long gone goes floating by and the boys want to know where it is. (Luckily I can still say, “Hmm, probably in that mess of a shed. You know, in the box with my bikinis.”)

Lesson #8: When your kids are under water, they can’t fight. We’ve been swimming five times this week.

Lesson #9: Though it’s been weeks since their tween cousins left, my kids remember it like it was yesterday. And by “it” I mean the playground song they learned. In fact, I can’t help but feel like I should be disqualified for including a Lesson #5. (Slide, slide, slippery, slide. If you say the number 5, you will be disqualified. 1, 2, 3, 4, 6…)

Lesson #10: Teething hurts big kids too. Why does no one talk about this?

Lesson #11: Saying goodbye to a baby tooth can be extremely emotional. Cause you know, it’s been with you through thick (soup) and thin (crust)…almost your entire life.

Lesson #12: A plastic snack-size baggie is not too heavy for the Tooth Fairy to carry away. And after seeing the silver dollar and golden dollar she left behind, it’s no surprise. She’s obviously worked up some serious muscles hauling all that weight around the world.

Lesson #13: Perhaps showing my wannabe hip hop dancer the baseball routine from So You Think You Can Dance (you know, the one with bats?) wasn’t my smartest move. (As if he didn’t have enough bumps and bruises already.)

Lesson #14: When someone typed “what is the best book for moms to read on learning how to be a fun cool mom and stay organized” into Google, they totally got robbed when they were served this site. Thank you, Google, for the lovely compliment, but this definitely does not describe me.

I’m off to enjoy some kinda fun, totally unorganized chaos. (Just trying to help the search engines out.) Cheers!



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  1. says

    I’m not sure how many stressful conversations we’ve had that start with “Now remember really hard, Seamus… where did you put the….” …. I might as well have been speaking Klingon based on the blank stare I receive every time … (sigh)

  2. says

    Hilarious-each one, except of course the grown up teething one. It’s painfully true-wait for 12 year molars. Consider yourself warned. Stupid teeth.


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