2700 Reasons to be Grateful: A Diaper Drive

2700 Reasons to be Grateful: A Diaper Drive

2700. I estimated, and that’s about how many diapers Pink has gone through in her lifetime. Yes, in just 18 short months. Crazy, right? While it’s certainly been a pain to change ’em along the way, I will say I’m grateful that I’ve never once thought, “How am I going to pay for all these diapers she’s going through?”

It turns out there are a fair number of moms out there who can’t say the same thing. You may remember I worked with Help A Mother Out to collect diapers for moms in need at Mother’s Day. (I met Lisa at BlogHer ’11 and was inspired by her work.) Well, I’m working with them again. But this time, I’m stepping it up.

My goal is to collect 2700. 2700 what? Well, I couldn’t make it too simple. My hope is that the number of diapers I collect plus the number of dollars I collect, will add up to 2700.

I’m rallying my kids and giving them a chance to truly experience gratitude, generosity, community (that’s all you amazing folks) and service. They’ll be making flyers, picking up diapers from friends who are willing to donate, and delivering diapers when we’re done.

And I’m rallying you. (You didn’t think I could get to 2700 alone, did you?) If you’re interested and willing, here’s how you can chip in. (Not only will you be showing my kids how crazy generous you are, you’ll be giving me some fun, organic math activities in the process!)

Donate Online
I’ve set up a fundraiser page with a goal of $1000. For as little as $10, you can supply a pack of diapers to a mom in need. (Kinda puts your kids’ must-have wishlist in perspective, doesn’t it?)

Donate Diapers in Person
I’ll be collecting diapers (and wipes) to take to the local Help A Mother Out drop-off location, Day One in Palo Alto. While you can certainly drop them off at my house, we’ll also gladly come pick them up if you live on the Peninsula. You can email me usingourwords (at) yahoo (dot) com to arrange it. You can buy a brand new package, or if you have an open pack of diapers your baby has outgrown, send ’em my way (but please keep them in the original packaging — for health reasons, they are unable to accept loose diapers).

And if you’re elsewhere in California, check out the list of drop-off spots in your area if you want to donate on your own.

Spread the Word
If you’re interested in sharing this drive with any group you’re a part of (mom’s group, preschool, etc.), please let me know and I’ll get you some of the boys’ flyers to share when we’re done with them. We’ll be driving strong for the next month (ends 12/15/12) and appreciate any and all of your support.

Let’s give those baby’s tushes and moms in need a reason to be as grateful as we are this holiday season. Ready… Set… Drive!

Logo courtesy of Help a Mother Out.


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  1. Sam Ackad says

    For an initial investment of $400 or less, you can buy cloth diapers that will last through potty training. And for more than one kid. And no Eco-guilt over stuffing the earth full of non-biodegradable poop holders. Did I mention less diaper rash too?

    • says

      Thanks for the insight, Sam! What other costs are there beyond the initial investment? It’s great that you’ve had such a great cloth diapering experience. While I know a lot of people prefer cloth diapers, the extremely eco-friendly group I worked with at Yahoo! Green said that the environmental damage is pretty similar between cloth and disposable, so you should use what works best for your family.

      Help a Mother Out does accept new cloth pocket diapers as well, so send ’em my way!

  2. Melinda says

    Could you use coupons for money off on diapers? I seem to find tons of those and with an almost 20 year old and 17 year old I’m a long way from needing them!


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