2014 – A Brave New Year

2014 – A Brave New Year

New year. New word.

And I got it from listening to a pop song. (Fitting, right?) At first when I heard it, I thought of my kids — how it expressed my wish for them. But it turns out, it’s my wish for me too.

Let your words be anything but empty.

Why don’t you tell them the truth?

Say what you wanna say,
And let the words fall out.
Honestly, I wanna see you be brave.

Sara Bareilles, Brave

For me, 2014 will be BRAVE.

I will try new things. Boldly. With confidence.

I will make decisions — simple ones, tough ones — without looking back and questioning the what ifs.

But mostly, I will stop talking about my dream, and start making it a reality. This year I am going to write a book. I’ve had all kinds of ideas about what my first book would be along the way, but last year, as Pink turned two, this concept I’m really excited about came to me. Thanks to years of writing for and connecting with this community, I have the confidence to believe that my words will stick. That they’ll make people laugh, think, and enjoy parenthood (or at least reading about it) a bit more. Now I just have to make it happen.

Which means…

I will stop saying yes to other people, and I will start saying yes to myself. Not because I don’t believe in them. But because I believe in myself. And nobody else is going to make this happen for me.

This may mean that my blog will be quiet at times (though the list of things I want to write about is long), but it won’t mean that I’m not finding new ways to share this topsy turvy journey of parenthood with you. I hope in the end, you’ll all be as excited about the finished product as I am.

I’d ask you to wish me luck, but I’m afraid that won’t do. I need to own this one. To be brave.

Do you have a word or a goal for 2014? I’d love to hear from you.


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    ok. 1. I love that you got your inspiration from a song bc I did too. 2. I love that the song you chose was Brave bc I have been obsessed with that song for months now and that obsession has passed on to my 2 year old who when she asks to see the video says, “Mami. I wan see you brave.” 3. I love that writing a book was in there bc for the las few years that has been my challenge and I feel like when I said I wanted to push myself harder in my post the book is exactly what I meant. Great read!


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