12 Things I Learned This Purse Purge

12 Things I Learned This Purse Purge

Before I left for Disneyland a couple weeks ago, I decided it was time to clean out my purse. You know, travel light. It’s not a huge bag by any means, but it can hold a good amount of junk stuff while still looking stylish. I took a deep breath, dumped everything out on my bed, and even I was amazed by the things I’d been hauling around town in there. (Notice my wallet, phone, and keys actually weren’t among the treasures for some reason.) I figured you might relate, so…

Lesson #1: When a diaper leaks, and you throw the wet pants in a plastic bag to be washed when you get home, go ahead and wash them when you get home. Time doesn’t improve the situation. (But a butterfly sighting makes everything better. Well, almost everything.)

Lesson #2: There’s enough moisture in my purse to keep a lump of Play-Doh surprisingly pliable for days and days. (Perhaps this is related to Lesson #1?)

Lesson #3: I still have the gifts from last year’s Disney Social Media Moms On The Road event handy because I loved them and knew they’d be useful. Only I forgot. So for almost a year, my kids boogies weren’t appropriately wiped and their motion sickness wasn’t brilliantly managed.

Lesson #4: When you live in California during a drought year, winter hats can stay in the attic. Even when you go to the snow.

Lesson #5: If I get pulled over, I can flash the local police my badge to show them I’m on their side. Or try to pay ’em off with birthday party goodie bag junk.

Lesson #6: Apparently the pots-and-pans drawer isn’t the only place our boys store their baseballs.

Lesson #7: Pink needs her own purse.

Lesson #8: A book about bugs isn’t the ickiest thing one of my boys has asked me to hold recently.

Lesson #9: Yes, I’m still failing Potty Training 101.

Lesson #10: I had the perfect “compartment” in my purse for most of this stuff all along.

Lesson #11: If things are rough, I can smooth them out. If someone’s sad, I can wipe their tears. If someone’s hurt, I can stop the bleeding. If someone’s hungry, I can fill their belly. And if someone’s misbehaving, I can shoot a rubber band at them.

Lesson #12: This princess is eating out at least one night this week!

Alright, mamas, spill it. (Not your bag, of course, that could get messy.) What strange things have you found in your purse lately?


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  1. Julia says

    Apparently I underestimated the size of cup my t-baller needed last year. I have had the cast -off in the side pocket of my purse for nearly one year. Beat that! :)

  2. says

    My purse has a bunch of those tiny packs of four crayons that they give kids at restaurants. I always tuck them away, thinking that if we are ever stranded somewhere the kids can use them to draw on the back of old receipts or something. I have so many I could qualify as a contestant on “Hoarders.”

  3. Sarah Cable Doctolero says

    Julia, I’ve had one of those in my purse too! But today it was stinky baseball socks and an Easter egg! (Fortunately just the plastic kind. Unfortunately no more chocolate! )

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