Everyday Lessons

Everyday Lessons

10 Things I Learned This Week (ish), Vol 158 (ish)

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Hello (hello, hello, hello…)! Is anybody out there (there, there, there…)?! Figured I’d dust off the ol’ blog (and ol’ lessons format) and do a little something for those of you who made a resolution to laugh (or read) more this year. But if your resolution was to stop wasting time online, well, I’m afraid […]

3 Reasons Cleaning is Dangerous


“I’m gonna vacuum our room!” Five glorious words I thought I’d never — ever — hear came rolling out of Big’s mouth one Sunday afternoon this summer. I have no idea what inspired it, but I certainly wasn’t going to question the universe rewarding me for nine years of the exact opposite behavior from this […]

15 Things I Learned, Um, Lately


If you go to blogging conferences and read blogs about…well, blogs, you know that you should 1) post daily, 2) post themed writing (like my lessons) on the same day each week, and 3) hmm, I don’t remember. (No wonder I stopped going to conferences…) As much as I love following rules, I have things […]

10 Things I Learned Last Week(s), Vol 157


Believe it or not, I seemed to be the only one in our family who was sad to see spring break come to an end this morning. And not just because it gave me some writing inspiration. (Though it did…) Lesson #1: When you’re getting ready for bed and discover that only one of the […]